Teaching Body Parts to Toddlers

Posted by: Carmen N.
(Source: teachmetotalk.com)

Check out any milestone list for toddlers, and you’ll see some variation of “knows body parts.”
Assessment tools used by pediatric speech-language pathologists include the following age ranges for this early skill:

  • Points to two different body parts by 12 months
  • Identifies at least 6 different parts and/or clothing items on himself or a doll by 18 months

Parents often begin by trying to teach a child facial body parts, usually eyes, nose, and mouth, and all at the same time! It’s no wonder that many children with developmental delays mix these up!

I recommend to parents that we begin with body parts that are relatively far away from each other, and include at least a couple the toddler can see!

I teach belly (or tummy), toes, and hair first, and in that order.

To make this more fun, turn this activity into a little game. When the toddler is on her back, use your voice to build anticipation as you say, “Where’s your belly? I’m gonna get your belly! Show me your belly!” If she likes tickling, quickly tickle her stomach as you say, ”Belly! I got your belly! There’s your belly! Belly!”

When she’s consistently reaching for her belly as you play this game, you’ll know she’s understood.
Only then should you move on and teach a new body part.

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